The Conscious Entrepreneurship Academy

90 days to more income, impact, & Inspiring work

Grow Your Dream Brand

Build a one-of-a-kind, powerful, conscious, & irresistible brand rooted in the truth of who you are and the people you are divinely prepared to serve.

Reach More People

Authentically sell & market to heart-centered people who like you, trust you, and want to do business with you because they believe in your message & the way that you serve.

Make More Money

Open yourself up to receiving all of the financial abundance & freedom available to you when you show up in highest service of your mission & positively impact lives.

Building the brand of your dreams doesn't have to be a struggle...

Over the past half-decade, we’ve used our expertise in marketing, sales, Facebook ads, website conversion optimization, branding, entrepreneurship, mindset & internal transformation…

To help grow successful 6-figure & 7-figure businesses.

(Our own businesses included!)

And here’s the truth:

The secret to success as a conscious entrepreneur isn’t rocket science. 

And if others can succeed with the same systems, strategies, & support, then you can too.

It’s simple, but not easy. The journey will challenge you, frustrate you, and push so far outside your comfort zone that sometimes it’ll make your head spin…

But in the end, it’ll be totally worth it.

And we guarantee that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

We've Done It & Helped Others Do It Too.

15x growth in revenue in 8 months!
"You guys have gone above, and beyond...I'm DELIGHTED!"
Esther F.
Eco + Ethically-Conscious eCom Entrepreneur

overwhelmed with building your brand & growing your business in an aligned & authentic way?

  • Are you unsure where to put your focus to help move your business forward?
  • Do you struggle with promoting yourself or selling what you have to offer?
  • Have you fallen into the trap of thinking that making good money & loving your work can't mix?
  • Do Facebook ads and "funnels" and marketing systems make your brain hurt?
  • Do you hate focusing on the numbers & the "less creative" parts of your business?
  • Are you tired of living in scarcity & fear & lack around your business?
  • Are you unsure how to show up authentically & effortlessly attract people who want to work with you?
  • Have you gotten burnt out in cycles of "hustle" & control followed by inaction & "total surrender"?

What Others Say

"If they want to become a millionaire, they can do that with you guys...for sure."

"Obviously you know a lot about Facebook advertising...I'm surprised and delighted!"

"If you want to really break's priceless. You can literally see results!"

You'll Gain Access To

Brand Development

(learn to stand out in an authentic way)

Wealth Mindset

(reprogram limiting beliefs around receiving)

The Art of Listening

(learn to create what people actually want)

Marketing Math 101

(learn to interpret the data for better results)

Weekly Group Coaching

(A community of support & accountability)

Inspirational Writing

(Share your message through written word)

Offer Creation

(Learn to package your irresistible offer)

1-on-1 Support Available

(per request at discount for members)

Soulful Marketing

(learn to effortlessly attract your soultribe)

Inspirational Speaking

(Share your message via spoken word)

Competitor Research

(learn how to always be a step ahead)

Private Community

(Exclusive online family w/ a common future)

Sneak Peak Into A LIVE Support Call

Our clients have paid us $5k – $10k EVERY MONTH to build their brands, run FB Ads, & market their offerings.
Get our Brand Development & marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost! 
You’ll get LIVE support calls where we’ll help you develop your brand, market your offer, & transform your mindset.
Plus you’ll get video trainings, worksheets, and hands on support so you can implement our growth strategies for your brand. 

(Idia reviews FB ads performance on this call)

From $20k in one week to $20k in a day!
"I'm doing EXTREMELY well...what you guys do is different, but I can see it working."
Yacoub L.
CEO + Charitable Entrepreneur

We Work With:

Budding Entrepreneurs

Once upon a time, we were 1st-time entrepreneurs, too.

And it’s our mission to make sure that if you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey…

You don’t have to go through the countless mistakes & heartache that we did in order to succeed.

We’re here to guide you through all the darkness & confusion & uncertainty…

So that you can enjoy the process…

Create a brand & foundation that you can build on…

And see success sooner, rather than later.


Seasoned Entrepreneurs

This isn’t your 1st time at the rodeo.

You’ve been in the trenches for some years now…

And know first-hand that it takes a lot more than luck and a 4-hour work week or Russell Brunson book to succeed.

Whether you have a successful business and want to start something new…

Or you’ve burned all your boats to show up in a totally new & more authentic way…

We’ll help you create a business & brand that you’re truly proud of & that stands the test of time!

Established Entrepreneurs

You’re already a “successful” entrepreneur…

But you’re yearning to do more than just make more money & pay more bills.

You’re ready to show up more fully…

Align your business with your truth…

And do work that actually changes people’s lives.

We’ll help your align your current business with your mission & the work that you were born to do

So that you can have a greater impact & do work that fills up your soul.

Doubled revenue per Facebook ad dollar invested in 60 days.
"I can finally stop spinning my wheels!"
Estela C.
Organic Skincare + Wellness eCom Entrepreneur

What Makes Us Different

Online courses have no support.

(At most a private facebook group.)

We have 5 levels of support & accountability.

  • Weekly group coaching calls kept to 10 students or less — so your questions always get seen, heard, and answered.
  • 1-on-1 calls available
  • Private Community
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Weekly Reporting


Most online courses have lecture style content.

We have action-oriented content and minimal lecture content because your business is built by DOING.

Ultimately, magic marketing strategies don’t create success – high-vibe leaders, conscious creators, and mission-driven entrepreneurs do.

If you’re a meditator, yogi, reiki healer, light worker, or change maker this is for you.

We’re passionate about growing brands with meaningful missions to improve lives and our planet.

And OUR mission is to help as many conscious entrepreneurs & change makers possible…

Become grounded in the truth of who they are & believe — with unwavering confidence: I know who I am, I know who I serve, I know how I serve.


We’ve taken or seen pretty much every program under the sun…

And we’ve experienced 1st-hand what happens when your “mentor” or “coach” says one thing and does another.

When they say, “these are the EXACT strategies I used…”

But the market has changed or their strategy has changed and they’re teaching you some one-off tactic that worked in the past…

Or they totally pulled a switch-a-roo and failed to leave out just how much it takes to see results.

We’re transparent in everything we do.

We’re always improving, transforming, & staying current…

And the strategies we teach are not only tested across multiple businesses, years, and industries…

But their the exact strategies that you can see us using in our business too.

We’re not here to feed our egos.

We’re not interested in being your savior or schoolteacher or in doing the work for you.

We’re here to create leaders.

We’re here to create a safe container for change makers and heart-centered conscious entrepreneurs to step into their truth…

And use their divine gifts and unique message to help transform lives.

It’s our mission to help you uncover & unleash all the greatness inside of you…

So that you can go forth in the world and do the same for others.

Like we said, we’ve taken just about every kind of program & course under the sun.

And while there’s a time & place for everything…

You’re here for one thing: to stand more fully in your purpose & make more money doing work you love for those you are meant to serve.

So while there’s lots of learning and mindset involved…

(Success IS an inside job)

You won’t find a ton of fluff with no action.

You won’t get a ton of mindset 

We pride ourselves on honoring & fusing the art & science of entrepreneurship.

The theoretical & spiritual with the highly-actionable & practical.

And in taking a holistic, sustainable approach to growing a thriving business & brand.

So, yes, you’ll be spiritually & emotionally supported — but we won’t just leave you hanging from there.

You’ll get all the inspiration & support you need…

To light a fire under you & you fuel you up to take all the massive action that you need to take in order to see amazing results. 

All of the content in our academy is co-created with participants.

In the past, we used to create all the course content up front & just troubleshoot on calls…

But we found that we ended up giving people content that was too advanced or that was what we thought they needed — and not at the level or depth that they actually needed to thrive!

So, yes, you’ll get all our expertise, knowledge, systems, & practices distilled in an easily-digestible way…

But it’s in the dialogue & the interactions that the real magic happens.

Plus, co-creation ensures that everyone in the Academy can move at the pace & depth that they need.

Most people try to do it all, but end up doing WAY too much with MEDIOCRE results.

We specialize in Social Media Marketing for conscious entrepreneurs building new brands.

We’re some of the best in the world at what we do: we’ve helped our clients build 7 figure brands, have managed 10s of thousands of dollars in Facebook ad spend, and marketed innovative products nationwide.

If you’ve ever worked with people who don’t vibe with you, you know that the best qualifications in the WORLD can’t make up for bad vibes.

The best results and the best experience happens when you work with qualified people who are energetically aligned with you.

That’s why we selectively screen everyone we work with; to ensure that we get along like one big happy family!

Our team & the entrepreneurs we work with are diverse, positive, progressive, open-minded, conscious, and authentic.

We believe in living a holistic, healthy, inspired lifestyle — filled with organic wellness, kombucha, gratitude journals, yoga, meditation, surfing, and a healthy does of laughter & love!

Plus we’re some of the best in the world at our craft & our results speak for themselves.

Our strategies are NOT based on offering a ton of sales & heavy discounting.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use a ton of sales, giveaways, & discounts to increase “conversions” & attract new customers or clients. 

Truth is, heavy discounting dilutes the value of your brand and attracts price-focused buyers.

We teach you to use authentic, heart-centered, value-based messaging & strategies for attracting customers & clients who align with your mission, recognize the value of what you offer to the world, and are as passionate about your products & services & mission as you are.

We actually take the time to get to know your customers and clients.

Most “advertisers”, business coaches, & entrepreneurship mentors out there will come in with plug-and-play, one-size-fits-all “templates” that are supposedly “proven” to work.

But those templates are usually based on discounting, impersonal systems, or fake urgency.

Or they unsystematically throw a ton of time, money, & energy behind a lot of random tactics to see what works.

We don’t use run-of-the-mill templates.

And we don’t throw things at the wall to see what sticks.

We show you how to go straight to your REAL customers and clients… 

Talk to & engage with them…

And create brand messaging & a marketing strategy that authentically aligns with you and the people who matter most: the people you’re here to serve.

Our approach creates ethical, authentic, profitable, scalable, and powerful results for your unique & authentic conscious brand.

What People Are Saying

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